Maintenance & Repair Options

Delta Data offers a variety of service options because the service and support needs of business today vary from business to business. In fact, Delta Data will happily customize a service solution to match your specific needs as closely as possible. Delta Data offers expert support and service on systems and peripherals. We fully understand your need for reliable operation and are focused on providing you with everything needed to make that happen. Don't take chances with a service provider that doesn't understand your business - trust Delta Data.


On-Site Maintenance

Delta Data offers ON-SITE maintenance throughout the United States. We can provide dependable and competent service for your server for an affordable monthly cost. Give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve by letting Delta Data handle your maintenance needs. Our maintenance agreements include our support of your operating environment - SCO UNIX, Linux, AIX and Microsoft Server. Parts, labor and O/S support are all included for the same low price so you won't have any surprises. We're the experts so you don't have to be!!


Depot Maintenance and Repair

Sometimes it makes fiscal sense to cover your system peripherals with depot maintenance and sometimes it doesn't. Let Delta Data review your particular service needs and we will help you decide on a plan that fits your needs without breaking your budget. Delta Data depot service covers all parts, labor and return freight - simply send us the non-working peripheral and we'll repair it and send it back - all for a price that you can afford. Delta Data also offers fixed rate repairs as well as advanced exchange for many popular peripherals.

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